It pays well to invest here

Rich in opportunity: the German Capital Region offers investors, companies and skilled employees the best possible environment for economic and career success. Attractive funding possibilities, excellent infrastructure and a strong cooperation network for technology transfer all included. Business is at home in Brandenburg.

Our focus – future mobility

Its focus on sustainable green innovation moves Brandenburg into a global top spot. The state supports enterprises driving forward future mobility with innovative technological developments and products – be it on roads, rails, water or in the air. Companies and investors benefit greatly from the economic possibilities linked with the development of future mobility solutions.

Aufladen E-Auto
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  • Electric vehicles
  • Storage components
  • Hybrid drives
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  • Production
  • Drive technologies
  • Storage
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Smart Mobility
  • Autonomous driving
  • Telematics
  • Assistance systems
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  • IT and software solutions
  • Green logistics
  • 5G
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  • Unmanned flight systems
  • Turbine technology
  • Lightweight design

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Brandenburg at a glance

Excellent location, forward-looking business models, numerous funding possibilities, a highly motived, qualified workforce; there are so many good reasons to invest in Brandenburg. Read about the greatest ones here:

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