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Brandenburg is the ideal environment for your economic success and growth. And we keep our promises: companies will benefit from our fast, professional and reliable services if they’re intending to set up a prosperous business in the capital region.

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Brandenburg perfectly suits the needs of industrial companies, with a combination of high industrial affinity and fast approval procedures. We can feel that industry is welcome here.


Economic development in Brandenburg

Fast, uncomplicated services – our promise to everyone wishing to benefit from the business location of Brandenburg. We can help you develop a specific concept for your success in the Capital Region and be your contact for any questions about your business venture.
Our service packages feature introductory information for investors and decision-makers who want to be part of Brandenburg’s success.
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You can count on us when the going gets tough!

Good ideas and promising technologies should not get lost in the coronavirus crisis. With the new cooperation platform www.smartcountrybrandenburg.de (only in German) we will help you find the right partners for technology development – even during the pandemic. Search or create offers in just a few clicks. You’ll also find scientific institutes to help in a practical sense, like those offering 3D printers for example.

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Peter Effenberger
Peter Effenberger
Head of Division
Investment & Innovation
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